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Senate Candidate Buttimore Criticizes Democrat Legislators Who Support Having N.J. Taxpayers Fund Sanctuary Cities

By Edward Buttimore – February 14, 2017

Edward Buttimore, a Republican candidate for State Senator in the 40th Legislative District and former Supervisor of criminal investigations in the New Jersey State Attorney General’s Office, criticized Democrat Senators who are supporting a bill to have the State taxpayers reimburse New Jersey municipalities who lose federal […]

Senate candidate Buttimore releases plan to reduce New Jersey public college and university costs 25%

By Edward Buttimore – October 17, 2016

Reducing college debt is a top priority for students, parents and even State legislators. Recently a number of Democrat State legislators submitted a package of 11 bills to help combat the growing debt associated with graduating from a New Jersey college or university. I certainly support that as […]

Opinion: Did Sweeney forget the difference between extortion and leverage?

By Edward Buttimore – August 10, 2016

Tough negotiations are the trademark of New Jersey politics.

Accusing a group of committing bribery and extortion because they are seeking an official action which supports the group’s priorities will only invite more complaints from un-endorsed candidates whose positions differ from the groups.

Withholding something of value to […]

Opinion: Governor Christie must fix the pension crisis

By Edward Buttimore – March 10, 2016

In his return to New Jersey for his budget address, Gov. Chris Christie proposed to deepen the pension crisis by making a pension payment of less than half of what was required under his 2011 pension reform law. His political future in Trenton or Washington may be riding […]

Republicans once again Christie’s obedient servants by refusing to override gun bill veto | Opinion

By Edward Buttimore – October 07, 2015

In June, the New Jersey Legislature unanimously passed Senate Bill 2360, 38-0 in the Senate and 74-0 in the Assembly, which would have enabled judges to make better informed decisions on citizens who were previously committed to mental health facilities and were now seeking expungement of that record so […]

Christie has eliminated any chance of dealing with pension shortfall in good faith | Opinion

By Edward Buttimore – August 30, 2015

When Gov. Chris Christie vetoed Senate bill S-3100 recently, which required the state to make quarterly pension payments, he erased the last chance his administration would ever be viewed as acting in good faith in dealing with the pension shortfall.

This was the second time in the past […]

Christie’s sleight of hand on pension payments | Opinion

By Edward Buttimore – July 20, 2015

According to the Office of Legislative Services, beginning in July 2013 the Christie administration diverted the increased public employee pension contributions, mandated by his 2011 pension reforms, to municipalities and counties to reduce their normal cost of employer shares into the state pension funds.

The net result was […]

On N.J. pension reform, Declan O’Scanlon and Republicans tell it like it isn’t | Opinion

By Edward Buttimore – April 18, 2015

Monmouth County Assemblyman Declan O’Scanlon’s recent op-ed calling for more changes to New Jersey’s pension system clearly demonstrates he and his Republican colleagues may not be qualified to serve on the Senate and Assembly budget committees. O’Scanlon writes he has to “tell it like it is,” then proceeds […]

N.J.’s Republican senators owe voters explanation on reversed votes | Opinion

By Edward Buttimore – March 08, 2015

New Jersey’s Democratic-controlled Senate has attempted to override Gov. Chris Christie’s vetoes 40 times since 2010. In nine instances, a majority of the state’s Republican senators voted yes on bills before they went to the Governor. But after Christie’s veto on those nine bills, the majority of the […]

Chris Christie’s Biggest Problem

By Elizabeth MacDonald – February 25, 2015

It was supposed to be New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s crowning achievement, one he fought hard for and campaigned on—stopping N.J.’s growing pension crisis.

No more can kicking, no more excuses, no more socking it to state taxpayers with budget flim-flam and cooked books. Instead, a new law the […]

What Chris Christie didn’t tell N.J. about pension payments: Opinion

By Edward Buttimore – February 02, 2015

When Gov. Chris Christie praised himself during the State of the State address for making the largest contributions to the State pension funds of any governor in New Jersey history, that statement was true, but not accurate.

While Gov. Christie has contributed $2.9 billion (if he makes the […]

Letter: If Christie campaigns, give Guadagno the reins

By Edward Buttimore – December 26, 2014

Gov. Chris Christie is hurting many New Jersey residents. He has one foot in Trenton, one foot in Iowa and two eyes looking toward the White House.

His refusal to properly fund the public employee pensions, as he promised, has caused eight downgrades of New Jersey’s credit rating, […]

Compromise on Pensions

by Edward Buttimore –  Aug. 18, 2014

The Legislature in June passed overwhelmingly in a bipartisan effort a bill that would require the state to make pension contributions quarterly — in July, October, January and April.

The governor quickly vetoed the bill.

There is a compromise now available that will both meet the desire of the […]

Citizen Columnist / Edward Buttimore / State must take steps to meet its obligations

By Edward Buttimore – July 8, 2014

New Jersey Superior Court Judge Mary Jacobson’s split decision on New Jersey’s public-pension funding shortfall was the obvious path to avoid throwing the state budget in to a constitutional crisis- a crisis caused by the short notice from Gov. Chris Christie that he would not be fully funding […]

Opinion: A solution to N.J. pension problem in three simple steps

By Edward Buttimore – July 05, 2014

Superior Court Judge Mary Jacobson’s split decision on New Jersey’s public pension funding shortfall (“Court backs Christie’s budget stopgap,” June 26) was the obvious decision to avoid throwing the 2014 state budget into a constitutional crisis. The budget crisis was caused by the short notice from Gov. Christie […]